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The Old Style of Teaching Karate

Our style is committed to teaching the Okinawan karate system unchanged from its original form that started over several hundred years ago.  Some dojo may charge a minimal tuition to help keep them up and running, but the instructors usually are all voluntary.  The ancient form of "Te", or more commonly known as karate, is very helpful for ones' health (most karate masters live into their 90's) along with increasing self-confidence, overall fitness and reducing stress.  Karate taught in the old way is a three step process; first we train the body (physical), then the mind (mental), and finally ones' heart (spiritual).  The dojo curriculum is based on kata (forms) which are essential in learning the principles of defending yourself.  We also practice kumite (sparring), kyusho (pressure points) and tuite (joint locks) as well as participate in local tournaments and demonstrations.