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Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate-Do

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Special Offers

We have just completed our Shobayashi Karate Handbook.  It is filled with over 35 pages of items like promotion requirements, ippon kumite, Japanese terms, and much more.  We are selling them for $15 or free if you sign up for 6 months of karate lessons.

Jerry Gould, Sensei already has a video on the bo kata Tokumini and Sakugawa.  Please call or e-mail us for details.  There are upcoming books and videos from our web site and the Northwest Shorin-ryu Ka

If you want great deals on martial arts supplies then click on the banner below.  And because you link from this site you will automatically recieve our school discount.

For great prices and selection on books, videos,
music and auctions just click on the link below.

For a list of Martial Arts books not available through Amazon please email us for now until we get a web page up listing the books we have available.

Weapons from Okinawa

We also have available school discounts on Shureido brand weapons and gi.  These are high quality traditional products from the Island of Okinawa.  Email us for details.

Seminars on Karate and Kobudo

Jerry Gould, Kyoshi is available for seminars and personal instruction, call for details.  Ken Schug, Renshi is available for seminars.  Bill Hayes, Kyoshi is available for seminars.  Other instructors that give seminars, please email us to be added this list.